Like, many other cities, Karachi is also suffering due to severe housing pressure and rapid urbanization. Many experts suggested that situation can be bettered if city is expanded towards super highway or new urban center is built to relieve pressure from the old city area. Absence of commercial, business and infrastructure facilities have been restricting the expansion of the city. For the last decade or even more, several housing schemes are being carried out along the super highway that are attracting the people. Gulshan-e-Maymar and DHA etc., along the super highway are playing major role of pull factor.

In the recent past lot of land parcels have been allotted to various interested parties along the super highway and beyond, without consideration to any plan, resulting in haphazard development: encroachments of precious land also has been the order of the day.

In the context of addressing the above issues, Government of Sindh (GoS)-Board of Revenue (BOR) has notified 43 Dehs of Malir District to the Malir Development Authority (MDA) putting them under its jurisdiction as controlled area, with the scope to get physical survey and preparation of road network plan / land use plan of the notified dehs for adjustment of effected private / acquired land for development purpose to prepare master programme of the area on the most modern lines so that proper planning and development scenario of the area is generated.


The total area of 43 Dehs measures over 521‚000 acres‚ which is constituted over Deh Lohar Kolang‚ Mitha Ghar‚ Kathore‚ Ghaghar‚ Dhabeji‚ Khadeji‚ Allah Pihai‚ Shah Mureed‚ Dhando‚ Narathar‚ Konkar‚ Darsano Channo‚ Tore‚ Mahyo‚ Bazar‚ Shahi Chip‚ Langheji‚ Bolhari‚ Chuhar‚ Amilano‚ Bayal‚ Karamtani Lat‚ Bhad‚ Abdar‚ Mandro‚ Moidan‚ Gadap‚ Khar‚ Sundi‚ Kharkharo‚ Tarari‚ Jhunjhar‚ Malh‚ Lasar‚ Shoring‚ Huderwah‚ Mehar Jabal‚ Kund‚ Jung Kund‚ Shore Kundi‚ Wan Kund‚ Sanharo and Koteiro.


The Tentative Concept Land Use Plan of 43 Dehs is a strategic land use plan that guides the future development of Karachi. Tentative Concept Land Use Plan ensures that there is sufficient land available to meet the long-term population and future economic growth needs for Karachi. The Tentative Concept Land Use Plan of 43 Dehs would be reviewed from time to time‚ to respond to Karachi changing needs‚ trends & overall environment. The Basic Planning Concept has been: To plan a fully serviced central down town area‚ connected with the existing and proposed road network‚ with a major Link Road served with a Mono Rail or BRT and a Ring Road running at the outer skirts of the area All roads are connected with each other‚ forming a complete network‚ serving each and every corner of the area Main roads and highways approaching the area have been extended to pass through the area to form a complete network of the roads and provide access to the project dehs through the existing road network in the adjacent area. Width of the major arteries proposed to be 300 feet and 200 feet. The existing Link Road proposed to be extended as a 400 feet wide Mass Transit Corridor with Mono Rail or the BRT All the facilities planned around the down town without much disturbance to the existing land uses‚ rather in harmony with the existing conditions and the topology.All water ways to be planned and channelized to aid in drainage of the area and to provide ample water for drinking‚ irrigation and other uses.Existing dams proposed to be up-graded and new dams to be built‚ appropriate sized lakes to be planned on upstream of the existing and proposed dams for storing water‚ to be used for drinking and irrigation water harvesting schemes are also proposed by damming and storing water and recharging the aquifer Water Filtration Plants (WTP) proposed at the dam locations for providing clean potable water also Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) are proposed along the nallahs for discharge of treated water as well as feeding the re-cycled / treated water back to the nallahs thus forming lakes to add to beautification of the area‚ provide additional water for irrigation and fire fighting etc. The water accumulated water may also recharge the aquifer Land fill sites have been proposed. Bio-gas generation and gas fired Power Plants are proposed at the land fill locations. Small sorting and recycling industries proposed at the locations of land fill sites for adjustment and consolidation and for future planning large land pockets have been allocated.


Planning of the area has been carried out following the physical features and the existing conditions and land uses at site‚ with the effort to retain and accommodate the existing developments in the proposed land use plan. Out of 43 Dehs‚ the lower 30 Dehs are such where various land uses as felt appropriate and logical‚ considering the needs of the future population have been planned. The major Land Uses proposed are WTPs‚ STPs‚ Residential‚ Commercial and Mixed Use sectors along major roads‚ Amenity & Recreational Sector‚ Public Building Sites‚ Land for Federal‚ Provincial & Local Govt. Deptt.‚ Civil Societies‚ Industrial Area including Marble City‚ I.T Park‚ Industrial Park‚ Media City‚ Land for Education and Medical Cities‚ Medical and Education Facilities‚ Agro Base Industry Metrovill‚ Agro. Vill‚ Cattle Farms‚ Fish Farms‚ Zoological Gardens‚ Sport city‚ Farm Houses‚ Diplomatic Enclave‚ Green Areas‚ Graveyards. The upper 13 Dehs are situated in the Kirthar National Part restricted area‚ for which planning has been proposed in consonance with National Parks rules that allow recreational‚ Zoological garden & Safari Park‚ Educational & Research studies of flora and Fauna‚ Rest Houses‚ Hostels‚ health & educational facilities for existing Goths dwellers‚ Police Station‚ Fire Station‚ Post Offices.


Residential Sectors of 2000 acres comprise 08 Sub Sectors or neighborhoods of about 250 acres. The Sectors are proposed to have a central Business District (CBD). The idea is that the CBD is not more than 1.5 km from the farthest point. The facilities proposed in the CBD shall comprise Hospital‚ Colleges‚ High Schools‚ Primary Schools‚ Kinder Garden‚ Park and Play Grounds‚ Libraries‚ Civic Centre / Civic Head Quarters‚ Fire Brigade‚ Police Station‚ Post Office‚ Vocational Centre / School‚ Shopping Malls‚ Marriage Halls‚ Grand Mosque‚ Petrol / CNG Stations‚ Hotels‚ Restaurant / Food Streets‚ Marriage Lawns‚ Community Centre.Each Sub Sector or neighborhood shall contain a central commercial area / neighborhood centre such that it is easily accessible by the habitants and is at walking distance. The facilities proposed in the Neighborhood centers shall comprise Commercial Plots‚ Jama Mosque‚ Health Centre / Clinic‚ Community Centre‚ High Schools‚ Primary School‚ Post and Telegraph Office‚ Garbage Collection Centre‚ Public Toilets‚ Neighbour Hood Park‚ Play Grounds‚ Petrol Pump‚ Branch Library.The facilities proposed in the Sub Neighborhood centers located at a walking distance shall comprise Health facilities‚ Primary School‚ Commercial Plots‚ Play Ground‚ Park with Jogging Track‚ Nursery / KG School‚ Community Mosque / Centre.For whole of 30 Dehs a central down town area has been proposed that will be the nerve centre of the area. All the civic‚ administrative‚ financial‚ recreational facilities are proposed to be located at this nerve centre. Also land is allocated for Govt. Secretariat of other public uses just adjacent to the down town. These facilities are connected through the link road that has the facility of Mono Rail or BRT. Further‚ major roads have been extended to the down town area.Facilities and services proposed to be located in the down town in the CBD and Government Secretariat Buildings area shall comprise Commercial facilities and Amenities including Shops & Shopping Centre‚ Departmental Stores‚ Malls‚ Whole Sale Markets‚ Cafes‚ Restaurants & Hotels‚ Public Houses‚ Banks / Bank Square‚ General Post Office‚ Police Head Quarter‚ Expo Centre‚ Federal & Provincial Govt. Offices‚ Civic Centre‚ Convention Centre‚ Petrol Pumps‚ Stock Exchange‚ High Rise Buildings for Professional commercial offices / Residential Flats‚ Parking lots & Parking Buildings‚ Courts‚ Central Telephone Exchange‚ Bus Terminal / Depot‚ Cinemas‚ Art Galleries / Library‚ Museum‚ Grand Mosque‚ Parks / Play Ground‚ Central Fire Bridge Station‚ Hospitals‚ Stadiums‚ Retail Shopping area with pedestrian cater the needs of the coming times land has been allocated for a full fledged Airport. Location of proposed Airport will also serve the adjacent districts of Jamshoro and Hyderabad etc. The Airport site is connected through the Ring Road as well as major arteries‚ also the major road emanating from the Link Road.


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