With the objective to meet the shelter demand of low & middle income people & create another economic base in the north-east of Karachi as a growth pole to enhance housing and commercial development, the Taiser Town Scheme was notified in the year 1986, as a KDA Scheme. Later, It was handed over to the Malir Development Authority (MDA) in 1996.

Taiser Town (Scheme-45), situated in the north eastern part of Karachi is constituted over Deh Mokhi, Deh Nangan, Deh Bijar-ji-Buthi and Deh Taiser and is spread over an area admeasuring 20570 acres, and houses gross population of 2.5 million people when fully developed.

The Scheme has been planned by Engineering Consultants International Limited (ECIL), the Consultants of International repute, with experience of the works in 19 different countries of the world, adopting the concepts of town planning followed in the modern world yet following the planning regulations of Karachi Building and Town Planning Regulations.

The Scheme encompasses all the land uses, amenities and facilities that any small city or a large town should posses, with especial focus on wide roads and alleys dividing various planned residential, commercial and amenities blocks and sectors; a huge battery of reservoirs for water supply, treatment plants for treating the waste effluent, with especial consideration for waste water recycling and water harvesting, and spaces for power supply grid stations, with emphases on parks and play grounds providing a healthy environment for the residents.

The Karachi Northern Bypass (M-10) a 4-lane highway passes through the Taiser Town commencing from the end of the Jinnah Avenue / M M Alam Road, near the junction of the M9, runs for 57 Km with 38 Km through the Taiser Town area.
An urban commercial corridor with land astride Karachi Northern By-Pass (KNB) measuring 300 meters on either side has been planned for high-rise and high-end land uses of international standards for national and international investors. It would be a high density highly commercial corridor with some land reserved for mixed uses including residential land uses and some for industrial based commercial activities. The commercial buildings shall be 12 story tall buildings with one or two basement floors for parking, as appropriate and as needed for the planned land uses. 140 feet wide major roads have been planned to run along the KNB ROW with service roads towards the corridor. Also about 180 to 200 feet strip has been planned for high end land uses. Where the proposed activities are of low height, all such activities have been segregated from the high end high rise land uses by providing appropriate roads in between, with excess to all such activities through 120 feet wide major roads with service road towards the Corridor. These 120 feet wide roads shall separate the Corridor from the adjacent Taiser Town Scheme on either side.
In future, KNB Corridor would prove to be another economic base and growth pole of Karachi Metropolitan City will make the township another Metropolitan Center of Karachi District, relieving pressure on the existing CBD and other inner city areas.


Predominantly a Low Income housing scheme with 50% area for 80 & 120 sq. yds. Plots Allocation of ample space for future expansion of authorized Goths with all basic services and amenities.Emphasis on environment-friendly developmentrn Consolidation of balanced private land in same Deh Adjustment of approved layout plans of Private Developers / Builders & Co-operative Housing Societies within the overall plan of the Scheme. Retention of existing private sector resorts & provision for new recreation facilities. Retaining the existing roads & services corridor plan with vertical housing‚ commercial‚ food square & other community amenities.Conforming to the Existing Karachi Building and Town Planning Regulations – 2002 (Amended - 2005)


Planning of the area has been carried out following the physical features and the existing conditions and land uses at site‚ with the effort to retain and accommodate the existing developments in the proposed land use plan.


Facilities and services proposed to be located in the Taiser Town area shall comprise Residential Sectors‚ Vertical Building (Mixed use including amenities & facilities)‚ Commercial facilities and Amenities including Parks & Playgrounds (around 10% of the scheme)‚ Schools‚ Colleges‚ Religious Buildings such as Mosques / Imam bargah / Religious Buildings‚ Library‚ Cyber Ville and IT Park‚ Treatment Plant at Lyari-Mokhi Confluence‚ Oxidation Ponds‚ Recreation Resort around Nilofer Hill with Water Reservoir at the top‚ Hospitals / Polyclinics‚ Public Buildings‚ Offices of Utility Departments‚ Local Commercial Areas‚ Wedding Complex Halls / Lawn‚ Telephone Exchanges‚ Community Centers‚ Auditorium & Bus Terminal‚ Small Industry‚ Local Post & E-mail Offices‚ Garbage Collection Points‚ Commercial-cum-Amenities Centers‚ Fire Brigade Stations‚ Police Stations‚ Utility Offices‚ Parking Areas‚ Hawker’s Market / Food Courts‚ Eid Ghah‚ Public Toilets (on every 1000 res. units).The proposed land uses in the Karachi Northern Bypass commercial corridor shall include commercial‚ institutional‚ mixed use‚ future planning‚ public building‚ Educational Institutes and parks & playgrounds etc. Besides‚ reservation of KNB Corridor would accommodate the metropolitan administrative offices‚ recreational‚ commercial‚ educational centers of international standards.


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